Just quickly....

Just thought I'd post this - about as artistic as I get with a glue gun.  I'm contemplating reclaiming the spare room as my craft room and thought I needed something for the other wall - the one that isn't covered in Elijah's artwork.  I just can't think where I will put all Elijah's toys!  I don't want them in the lounge, definitely not.  Must be time for another declutter session.

(This is me, apparently I own a tow truck - the bit between my legs was Elijah's effort at drawing pants but he was easily sidetracked and laughed "haha it looks like you're going toilet!"  Oh my lovely son!  The big circle is my tshirt and the small circle is my belly button.  What next???)

I now think its safe to say that Elijah loves kindy!  We get there early so he can do some art before the teachers return from lunch.  When they come out of the office, Elijah says "You can go now, Mum" and gives me a kiss and cuddle, and a very nervous wave.  He is only there a couple of hours before I pick him up and this is what happens

Well I only have an hour before I have to pick him up - needless to say I have a bit of housework to do while watching/listening to Dr Phil and Oprah!