I weigh in tomorrow...

Last week I mentioned I was starting on the Lazy Girl's Diet - well its not really a diet but more of a lifestyle change.  I am the biggest I have ever been and its pretty depressing buying clothes to fit when I have a wardrobe full of the next size down.  So Wednesdays are weigh in days.  I'm pretty sure I have shed a few centimetres in the last week and the bloatedness that has plagued me for the last few years has diminished.  So here is a weeks worth of food - not all perfect choices but loads better than all the Tim Tams and Salt & Vinegar Kettle Fries I had been scoffing!

Breakfast - yoghurt, muesli, banana, cup of tea
Snack - few grapes, 4 vitaweats
Lunch - replacaement shake, banana
Snack - pear, few grapes
Dinner - tuna pasta, brocolli
Snack - 2 pieces licorice, cup of tea


Breakfast - yoghurt, muesli, pear, cup of tea
Snack - banana
Lunch - salmon sandwich, few grapes, 1 piece licorice
Snack - 4 vitaweat, grapes, 2 slicces Burgen fruit toast
Dinner - tuna pasta, brocolli
Snack - 2 pieces licorice, grapes, 6 cashews


Breakfast - yoghurt, cereal, pear, 2 Burgen fruit toast, cup of tea
Snack - 4 vitaweat, 10 grapes, 10 cashews
Lunch - tuna pasta, brocolli
Snack -licorice, pear, 40gm dark choc, 1/2 serve kettle chips
Dinner - hamburger, homemade wedges
Snack - cup of tea, 4 pieces licorice


Breakfast - yoghurt, cereal
Snack - few blueberries
Lunch - salmon on Burgen toasted, 6 cashews, nashi
Snack - 6 homemade wedges
Dinner - corn & cheese toasties
Snack - cup of tea


Breakfast - yoghurt, cereal, pear, cup of tea
Snack - missed
Lunch - Tendergrill chicken, few fries, diet Coke (BK)
Snack - missed
Dinner - BBQ chicken sausage, 1 roti, 1/2 c couscous salad, green salad
Snack - missed


Breakfast - yoghurt, cereal, cup of tea
Snack - nashi
Lunch - toasted sandwiches corn & cheese
Snack - 4 vitaweat, nashi
Dinner - chicken sausage, couscous salad, green salad, 1 roti (leftovers)
Snack -  2 vitaweat, cup of tea


Breakfast - fruit toast with scrape of marg & jam, cup of tea
Snack - nashi, 6 cashews, 2 vitaweat
Lunch - 1 roti, chicken sausage, low fat choc dessert
Snack - 1/2 serve low fat choc dessert
Dinner -
Snack -