I have a little terror....

his name is Elijah.  Well today he was anyway.  I'm assuming its a growth spurt thats causing him to go a little crazy.  He's now at 97cm so he's grown a centimetre since I measured him two months ago.  And he's inching closer and closer to 15kg which I'm pleased about.  He woke about 6am this morning and has only just gone to sleep (its 8.30pm ish) - how can he not be exhausted??? 

He used to be so calm but since starting kindy (4 weeks ago) he seems to be bringing a totally different Elijah home.  I just hope that he is well behaved at kindy and not one of those kids that everyone looks at sideways iykwim!

The other day before going for a nap he gave me a kiss and said "When I grow up, I'm going to marry you!"  I said "No darling, you can't!  You have to marry another girl that is not part of the family" "Oh" he said "then who?"   -  oh the things kids think about!

So for a little time out for me (because he refused to have a nap) I went through my fabric.  There isn't alot there any more - I gave most of it to my sister (like she needs more stuff eh Nicky!)  But I thought before buying any more I would try to use up as much as possible of the stuff I already have.  So I made these

A tablecloth for Elijah's little table

And a cushion which he has taken to bed with him - the underside is flannelette so nice and soft

So that's two pieces of fabric out of the way!  Time for more???  Maybe not just yet

In the March issue of Better Homes and Gardens there are some great projects.  I especially like the shelving units made from old draws, plate or plant displays made from pallets and a curtain made from vintage fabric and lace.  So maybe tomorrow we might have to head out in search of a few things.