I almost wet myself....

Two days ago Elijah and I went grocery shopping.  We parked undercover and Elijah spotted a car he thought was pretty cool.  It clearly belonged to a teenage boy - old 80s car with a sparkly paint job and shiny mags.  Our conversations as follows

"oh wow Mum, I like that car - it's so staaaaaalish"

"pardon darling, what do you mean?"

"its sooooo staaaaalish!"

"Who taught you that word?" 

" Dad did"

"oooooooh you mean stylish"

"no Dad says staaalish"

Needless to say I was in hysterics and he couldn't understand why - he was just pronouncing it with his Dad's accent.

an old pic - he's about 8 months old here and already into cars - boys huh?