First step to reclaiming me...

Yesterday I started on my 'lifestyle plan'.  I've weighed in and taken all my measurements plus taken a photo as evidence.  I have to start looking after myself!  I have promised myself a haircut when I get to my first step (8 kg loss).  Right now I'm trying to steer clear of anything with flour as I'm almost certain that causes me alot of bloating!  I also limit myself to two cups of tea a day and drink water whenever I can.  Yesterday went really well.

Breakfast - yoghurt, muesli, tea and a banana
Snack - few grapes and 4 Vitaweets
Lunch - replacement shake and a banana (was running late to pick Elijah up)
Snack - pear and a few grapes
Dinner - tuna pasta with lots of brocolli
Snack - cup of tea plus two pieces of licorice (my treat!)

The humidity in Auckland has been up to 100% in the last few days so we haven't been walking.  Apparently it should start to cool down by Friday so we will start walking around the block again (3km) or maybe try to bump it up to an hours walk.