Fate or coincidence?

Wow! What an odd afternoon we had yesterday.  Some strange force was at play.  After lunch I decided to take Elijah to the Salvation Army (yes again!).  We had only been in there for five minutes when a little voice piped up "I need to go toilet".  Well so much for not needing to go before we left home. 

I couldn't see anything overly interesting so I just grabbed a few books, paid and left.  I realised when I got home that all three books are pink!
The Lazy Girl's Guide to Losing Weight and Getting Fit by AJ Rochester
I Don't Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson
The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards
Of course I have started on the weight loss guide first and after the first chapter had convinced myself that I had actually written the book.

I thought the mall would be the closest toilet but as I tried to turn left into the carpark a huge truck was blocking the road so I had to flag that idea.  Wondering where the next toilet would be I asked Elijah if he was ok. Yes he was fine - no accidents so far.  The library was a couple of minutes away but I hadn't factored in the trouble I would have finding a park nearby.  So a couple of wrong turns and back tracking I was thinking how much easier life was when he was in nappies!  There were no parks in sight - even the medical centre carpark was full.  I wondered if I should just chance it and call into the church op shop.  If he asked to go there I was sure the little old lady would let him use their loo.

Well what do you know - as soon as we got inside the shop he was off playing with the toys and had forgotten about needing the toilet.  I found a few things but my pick of the day had to be the 10c Nici frog with juju lips - so cute!  Elijah also gained two bags full of stuff for free.  The lady said she was going to throw them out because she didn't know how to put it together.  It turned out to be a three level carpark/garage, a Hot Wheels track and a construction track set with trucks etc.

So we piled all our goodies into the stinking hot car and headed home.  We got halfway up the street before ours and saw a fire engine, police and ambo - hmm then I saw the car.  It must have been a head on at the top of the hill.  I always thought it would happen because its hard to see over the brow of the hill and there are often cars parked either side meaning you need to veer to the centre to get passed.  I'm guessing if you have two cars travelling towards each other at 50kph there is going to be a bit of damage.  So instead of rubbernecking and driving through it we turned around and took another route home.  I can't help but think that if we had come straight home to use the loo we could have got caught up in it.  There must have been a reason our afternoon turned out to be so unusual!