Falling off the wagon....

I'm ashamed to say I didn't keep up any of my FlyLady routines so instead of relaxing today, I spent most of it catching up on housework.  It wasn't too bad but the fact that Mr3 thinks afternoons are for running around like a mad man instead of sleeping makes housework take twice as long.

We're planning a trip to Auckland Zoo tomorrow.  It's been a few months since we lasted visited and although Elijah has said he wants to go to Motat, I think he will enjoy running around at the zoo and learning about all the animals.  No doubt it will be late morning before we leave the house as he has only just gone to bed (almost 10pm) because he was waiting for Dad but became overtired and very irritable.

What amazes me most about Elijah is his thirst for knowledge.  Last week he asked me what was under our skin.  To keep it simple for him I told him bones and blood.  I showed him by pressing on my skin and letting it go white, then once I let it go I told him the blood will come back.  He fell over a couple of times yesterday (quite unusual for him!) and was more concerned about the 'blood coming out' than the actual falling over bit.
Today's lesson was spelling.  For about half an hour it was 'Mum, how do you spell this or that' and each time we sounded it out and spelled it out loud together.  He was actually pretty good at matching the sounds to the letters so I thought I would help him even further by writing down about 15 words of his choice so we could spell them out together.  He already knows the majority of the alphabet by sight so is well on his way to reading although I refuse to 'teach' him to read before he's learnt all the letters and sounds.  I don't want him to 'read' by memorising whole books!

Anyway, although its a Saturday night, I'm knackered and just feel like reading magazines in bed.  Hopefully we'll have some zoo pics to blog about tomorrow - I might even get Elijah to tell the story.