I have just been out to my garden - well its more of a tiny plot because there was no existing place for me to use when we moved into this house (August 09) and this was all I could be bothered digging!
Lettuces, capsicum and eggplant are doing great but the cauli and brocolli have been attacked (not too worried about them though)

Elijah has his eye on this one - I'm not sure which colour it is though.  I 'think' we bought a purple one and an orange one but I really don't remember so it'll be a surprise!

This, I guess, is the last of the strawberries we planted in November.  We've had a constant supply (enough for a certain little boy) and they are just growing in an old wheelbarrow left by previous tenants.

And lastly my Xmas present from Jenna (my cousin) - somewhere in the centre of those crazy begonias (I think thats what they are) is a dead gerbera lol I'm hoping it might magically sprout up again next year.