A New Year, A New Start..... hopefully!

Wow! Who can believe its 2010 already??? No matter how you say it (two thousand and ten or twenty ten) we sound soooooooo far into the future!

The year has started off ok - not brilliant though. We lost a family friend on Christmas morning which was very sad and unexpected. His service was New Year's Eve so by the time we got back all I wanted to do was sleep. So I didn't see the New Year in :(

I am yet to write down my NY resolutions but I have a fair idea in my head what I need to do. Of course I am desperate to shed some kilos but somewhere amongst my clutter I have lost my motivation. I must say I am getting there in the clutter clearing department having taken 1 1/2 car loads to the Salvation Army and sending back all the stuff my Mum and sister's have so lovingly given me that don't fit my 'vision'. Yes! I have been watching reruns of 'The Big Stuff' lol but it does wonders for motivation. Maybe I should watch 'The Biggest Loser' more often!

Elijah has recently turned three - who would have guessed three years ago he nearly didn't make it? He's itching to get to kindy although I'm not sure he realises that I won't be staying there with him. That should be interesting as he has never been in any sort of care. He has only ever stayed with my Mum and my sisters (and a day with a friend - thanks Mel) - guess who has a few trust issues ;)

So, time to brag! It's been a while so here is a list (short one) of Elijah's development
*can count to 20
*can recite alphabet properly when he feels like it - otherwise he has his own rendition
*fully toilet trained and close to being dry at night (mostly dry but has the occasional wet night when someone gives him a drink too close to bed time)
*dresses and undresses himself
*operates the television better than his Dad does
*constantly draws cars, diggers, dump trucks, tow trucks, people, houses with chimneys and paths and gardens!
*knows how to write most of the alphabet and can recognise by sight all of it (although he still seems to get s and c muddled)
*knows his address and phone number
*starting to learn Urdu
*generally only needs to be told once to remember things
*can pedal a trike, do forward rolls, climb over structures safely (thanks to a term at Jumping Beans)
*loves raw veges (carrots, capsicum, cucumber etc) and fruit (will try anything) but still not a great meat eater, is a biscuit fiend just like his Mum so we don't buy them anymore!

So here's to a great 2010! I tell you though it cannot be any worse than 2009!