It's the small things........

So I was thinking of all the small things that I could easily change without any real inconvenience. Some to make my life easier and others to be kinder to Mother Nature. SO my list so far includes:

*ditching tea bags this year and using leaf tea instead
*limiting the use of internet to after 11am (which means all the housework can be done in the morning)
*use short wash cycle when washing clothes - its not like they get that dirty anyway!
*bake once a week (as opposed to baking when craving something sweet!)
*use unscented vegetable based soap as an alternative to dish liquid (too many icky chemicals)
*auto payments for power and phone (which I have been meaning to set up since I moved in August 09!)

So those are the first few 'improvements' on my list. I'm sure there are many more so I'm taking note as I think of them. Would love suggestions though!

I'm still on a decluttering mission but I feel like I'm failing on so many levels! I think I'm on top of it all then I look in my bedroom which has become a dumping ground *sigh*