oh wow I should make more of an effort!!!

to write in this blog anyway - I consider it my most important yet I haven't posted in a month!!!

Elijah turned 2 on the 3rd January so we had about 8 kids over to celebrate. The monkey was soooo lucky and got so many new toys (and just after a mountain of them for Xmas too! - which reminds me I will have to post some more pics but its late now and I'm not in the mood lol)

So what is Elijah up to now??? Well its 10.15pm and he is still up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed BECAUSE although he thinks he doesn't need an afternoon nap he ends up nodding off just after 4pm so will easily sleep till after 6pm (I don't like to wake him if possible). So we're all sitting here in bed - me trying to write a blog entry and them - Elijah and Ali wrestling with the pillows - so much for quiet time before bed!