oh wow!

I just realised its been maybe a month since my last post. I have been busy though and sometime soon I'll have to post my accomplishments seeing as I have had to have a break from it. Sadly I broke the sewing machine - I guess it was just all too much for it to handle. And I was right in the middle of making a little dress for cousin Charli's first birthday so now I have to save for my own machine and send Mum's one to be fixed. I'm so annoyed coz I just spent over $100 at Spotlight on fabric and bits and pieces! Serves me right, I shouldn't have spent it because it wasn't really mine :( it was just a loan so now I have to figure out how to pay it back hmmm

We did the markets again - came home with just under $60 which isn't too bad. Also came home with alot of stuff for Elijah (not like he needs it) I love buying stuff for him - the look on his face is priceless! I found Henry the Octopus (yes a real Wiggles one that sings) for $4! I also bought a large snuggly rug off a friend and a huge Blues Clues dog so now Elijah has a place to read and someone to read to! He amazes me sometimes - he loves books and I mean loves books - I've bought him over 20 books for Xmas because I know all of them will get read. I have no idea where his love of books came from - I'm not much of a reader unless its parenting books or home and garden type magazines.

He wants to go to school! I guess they don't take 2 year olds lol but he loves to learn so we involve him in alot of day to day activities around the house and outside - he even pays for his own things at the shop - its great. He knows all his manners (please and thank you, sorry, excuse me etc etc) I guess if I can't be proud of myself I can be proud of my little Elijah :)

Until next time