well it seems Elijah has an ear infection - the first one in months - and he's not coping so well. I've been dosing him up on Pamol and it seems to work for a couple of hours then he crashes! Its odd seeing a toddler just lie on the couch by himself - you know they aren't well then!

I was meant to meet up with some other Mums for the North Shore Waddlers walking group but I don't really want to take Elijah out especially because its so windy! I was really looking forward to that too :(

I ordered some clothes from the Pumpkin Patch website http://www.pumpkinpatch.co.nz/ and I have to say I'm really impressed! They arrived within 3 days and only one item was out of stock. So Elijah has some nice new clothes (even though he already has tonnes in his wardrobe!). Anyway once I lose some weight I'll be buying for me instead of always for Elijah. I don't see the point in buying nice stuff when I'm this big! Well I shouldn't moan coz its my own fault but who was the ******* that invented biscuits haha