Sore tummies and battered legs...

hmm its been a while since my last post - I have been busy though! Its been a bit of a mixed bag this last week. Uncle Andrew passed away in his sleep - it was so sad, he's going to be missed by alot of people!

We've also been organising playgroup, out with the old and in with the new! (the toys that is) We have the next lot of funding due soon so new equipment is very much needed. It seems the numbers are dwindling as of late and it isn't helping that parents use it as a creche while they go have a coffee. There is a reason its called playgroup - you play with your child!!! grumble grumble

Elijah continues to astound me. He knows several colours now - I don't know many 19 month olds that could tell you a zebra is black and white!!! I'm beginning to wonder if he is slightly gifted - if so I don't want him getting bored at school and start to cause problems (actually thats my worst nightmare - a naughty child! haha) He's been a bit unsettled the last few days but then again its not his fault. We picked Jazz (my lil sis) up from the airport on Thursday night after her month away in Rarotonga - Elijah had missed her soooooo much! Tonight he has a bit of a sore tummy so didn't end up going to bed until 9.30pm (a bit later than the usual 6.30pm!) Its the first time he has had Pamol since we shifted house so that must be proof that newer houses are much healthier!

and me, well..... I slipped down the front steps, god it hurt so bad! But I couldn't cry, I just sat there! I guess it helped that it was cold, kinda numbed it a bit lol but come the next day my legs looked terrible. The bruises available for public viewing (I live in 3/4 pants) are not even half as bad as the one at the top of my leg which is more likely a haemotoma sp? - will check with my cousin tomorrow if I need to see a doctor about it.

Well thats about it I think, oh I just set up a forum for North Shore Mums - dunno if it will come to anything but I quite like the calendar feature on it.

Nighty nite