Presentations, Potty Training and Poker...

So what do the above have in common? Not alot - they all start with P, they all happened today, two of them went ok and the other didn't.

Our day started well. The weather was good. I was organised too - that doesn't happen so much these days! Jo arrived at 10am to set up her book presentation (Total Learning) for our weekly coffee group, who started arriving at 10.30am. Elijah must have thought he was in book heaven! I'm sooooo glad he's a book lover, I hope he stays that way. We managed to get 3 free books in addition to the two I ordered. Elijah will be excited when his Mighty Machines book arrives!

I think the excitement of having other kids here was all a bit much and Elijah managed to sleep 3 1/2 hours! We then decided to have another go at potty training. It was all going well until he started playing in his room. Obviously too involved in what he was doing, he forgot to tell me he needed to go potty. Although smelly, I'm kinda relieved they were just little pebbles! A bath fixed that.

We have decided that Monday night is poker night. We're not real good and we don't play with money but it gets us together for some family time and a bit of relaxation. To be honest, I find it all a bit slow, I would much rather play online where its quick.

Anyway its almost bed time, but I'm dying for a cup of tea. Maybe tomorrow I can finally put some sort of order into the photos I've uploaded. Maybe.