I just realised that I hadn't posted in a while so have some catching up to do!

lets see... well it turns out Elijah didn't have an ear infection but I could not keep his temp down. He had a urine test which came back clear so the doctor put it down to a virus - seems to be the answer for everything! He finally came right over the weekend but is still not 100%.

We had our first coffee group swap meet which went really well. The surplus we are putting on Trade Me to raise money for future coffee group outings. We offered them to Women's Refuge but they aren't taking donations at the moment (it seems in NZ it is impossible to donate items to charity, they all want the cash!) The theme for that particular week was bathroom stuff. Next week its time to clear out the kitchen cupboards (we have boxes full in the garage eek not sure if Mel realises by hosting it at her place and kindly offering to load stuff onto TM that her garage is going to be quite full!)

I had a potluck afternoon tea for my birthday combined with a friend's whose birthday is 2 days before mine. That went really well also and there was plenty of food left over.

Then last night (my actual birthday) I had dinner with family.

So all in all it was a very busy week! I think I need a rest haha but no! I have to get moving and shift some kilos, I'm starting to feel really uncomfortable and now that the birthdays are almost out of the way I have no excuses!