First Attempt

ok so after seeing so many mothers keeping a blog on their babies lives I was starting to feel a little neglectful. I have the best child in the world (well I think so but of course I have to say that!) so I thought it would be nice to be able to share a bit about him so friends and family can keep up to date.

ETA: Elijah's 15 month update (I had put it in the wrong place to start with)

Well Elijah is now 15 months!!! so hard to believe - the time has gone way too fast. We had Plunket last week and he has dropped on the graph but still in proportion.

Height: 79cmWeight: 10.4kg

Drinks: 2 cups of milk/formula a day (from an Avent Magic cup)

Eats: prefers finger food, far too much of a big boy for Mummy to feed him with a spoon!He loves Weetbix Fruitys, Cheerios, banana, apple, pear, kiwifruit, Vogels/Burgen toast, cooked carrot sticks, celery, sometimes will try sausages but like me not a big meat eater, raisins, dates, currants, rice crackers and biscuits oh and the occasional marshmallow.

Words he says: Mum/Mama, Dad/Dada, Milk, Book, Hot, Don't touch, Mower, Car motor!, Flower, Cracker, Chair, Duck, Bird, No, Shower, Toast, Bath, Broke, Shoes on, Sharp, Umbrella, Gone, More, Spiderman, Lunchbox, Hat, Keys, Banana, Digger, Apple, Sausages, Car, Truck, Alligator, Elephant, My " " ie my book, my milk, Bot aka bottle

He loves playing outside, going to playgroup, dislikes shopping (surprise, surprise), enjoys painting, playdough BUT doesn't like getting his hands dirty so will get me to take the sand off if he's in the sand pit He usually has a day sleep of about 2 hours and sleeps 12 hours at night finally. No dummy but has adopted a blanky who he has affectionately named "mimu" and that goes to bed with him and at times follows him around the house!He often gets pushed around by other kids but will not push back, just walks away or if they hurt him he will cry! But not for long - so easily distracted!He follows instructions well, for example if I ask him to bring a nappy he will open the cupboard and bring me one as well as the wipes. Loves to brush his teeth, have showers and help "cook" ie take all the pots out of the cupboard and the ladles etc out of the drawer.He sits at the table for meals, snacks, no more highchair Enjoys walking everywhere and even managed to escape up to the letterbox!I'm so lucky he is a very happy and affectionate boy, although his father thinks he needs to be a bit more rough and tumble with other kids I would prefer him not to be a bully!